Baby chicks, Autism, HGV & Eurovision!

Updated: Jun 24

May has come and gone just like that, but what a fantastic month it was!! A rollercoaster ride starting with our 'blue tit' lovebirds having baby chicks. This was a magical moment for me and was very chuffed to have saved the pregnant mama during a heavy storm. The bird nesting box was coming off its support, so I dashed out at 2 am and secure. took me 1 hour!

Between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th I supported my mate Richard Stevens in his Walk For Autism event, walking 85 miles from Leicester City Football Stadium to Watford FC Stadium. It was a memorable walk which raised over £2500 in funds for Anna Kennedy Online Charity. Anna is a truly amazing lady and so inspirsational. We donned a lovely kit thanks to the kind sponsorship of Born Anxious Clothing, thank-you Kellie, your gear is absolutely brilliant. This was a football themed event and we had the support of several ex pros. Watford legend Luther Blissett OBE was amongst several VIPS who walked the final mile with us.

HGV driving has been on my bucket list for a while so during this month I took the opportunity to train and obtain my Class C licence which enables me to drive a truck of up to 32 tons. Special thanks to Aodan, my training mentor, who in just 11 hours of training, prepared me so well that I passed with flying colours. This now means that I have handed my notice in at Ocado Group to pursue this dream of mine, as a professional HGV driver.

Soon it was the annual Eurovision Song Contest Final night live from Italy. I am a Eurovision fan and think it is fantastic. The spectacle is usually amazing and this year Italy did not disappoint. Ukraine understandably emerged as winner. My beloved Malta did not even qualify for the final, very disappointing, perhaps cheated even, controversial one ha! But the United Kingdom saw Sam Ryder #SpaceMan taking the UK to the highest position after so many years, earning a well deserved runner up, which let's be honest, with Ukraine gifted a victory, Sam was the 'real' winner on the night. Well done lad!

And so we come to a close for this month, we close it with a very important quote: “You become strong by lifting others up, not pulling them down. Bless the world with your mind, heal the world with your heart, lift the world with your soul, elevate the world with your life. For the most beautiful people are those who bring out the beauty in others.

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