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Liberty Gained Her Wings

Liberty was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in September 2016 on her 13th birthday.

Her mum, Karen shares their story. Please support children like Liberty in their fight against cancer.

The signs that something was not right

Liberty had been struggling with intermittent pain in her lower left leg for over 20 months, particularly at night, which was unfortunately misdiagnosed as growing pains and sports injuries during numerous GP and hospital visits. By the time a correct diagnosis was made, the tumour was already nearly 20cm in length and had burst through her bone into the surrounding soft tissue. Liberty was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma of her tibia on her 13th birthday in September 2016.

Liberty had a zest for life

Liberty rarely complained and just got on with it. She was known to throw on her wig, lashes and make-up and dash out to the next party or next school disco. No matter what was thrown at her – chemotherapy, hair loss, transfusions, vomiting, nine-hour limb salvage surgery, learning to walk again, stem cell transplant, liver failure, relentless scans and tests or intensive radiotherapy. Liberty faced it all head on, she was a true warrior princess and heroine in every sense of the word. Liberty amazed everyone during her treatment.

Liberty gained her wings

Just days from the end of her treatment in August 2017, Liberty sadly discovered a new lump in her thigh. Emergency scans revealed that not only had the Ewing sarcoma returned, it had spread throughout her lungs, liver and lymph glands. No further treatment options were available and nothing more could be done.

Liberty passed away on 11 October 2017, two weeks after her 14th birthday.

Karen, Liberty’s mum. October 2022.

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